Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Meet, Kawasaki Japan

Well i just finished my final meet of the 2010 season, not gonna lie feels pretty good to be finished.  It has a been a long, but amazing season, my best ever.  So let me tell you how the meet went.

Like i said in my last couple of posts the last couple of weeks have been really low key.  Ive been really taking it easy, vaulting about once a week and just doing some light cardio to keep my legs going.  Well because of this Im not in the best shape, which i wasnt really trying to be in.  That along with the 12 hour flight here 2 days ago didnt add up to the best situation for the meet today.

I came into the meet with a very relaxed attitude.  I wasnt expecting a whole lot and so i just wanted to try and have some fun, make a few bars, and not get hurt.  Well warmups started and it quickly became evident that making a few bars wasnt going to be the easiest thing ever, and i might actually have to dig down deep just to make those couple of bars.  The wind was swirling and my legs werent feeling all that responsive, so i decided to come in to the comp at 17ft.  My first 2 attempts were pretty bad, i didnt even attempt to make the bar.  Third time i came down, had a decent takeoff and was able to make the bar pretty easily. 

I decided to pass to 17'9" because I felt like i didnt have a ton of energy, whenever the wind is bad I have to work twice as hard to make a jump.  I came down on my first attempt and had a much better run and made the bar!  I was pretty happy since i wasnt feeling great and i had struggled at 17ft. 

I knew i was going to go to the next pole, and i was kind of hoping the wind would get a bit better so i decided to pass to 18'4".  There were still 3 or 4 people in the competition and i was sitting in 2nd place.  On my 2nd attempt i got a pretty good wind and had a pretty good jump, but i just barely knicked it coming down and it fell.  Then on my 3rd attempt, I was the last in the order and noone else had made it, so if i made it I would win.  I got another decent wind, barreled down the runway, and on my 2nd to last step i got a cramp in my calf.  I finished the jump and thought for sure i was going to make it, but again i grazed it on the way over and it came down. 

So that was it, I was pretty frustrated that i couldnt make that last bar since i had 2 really good jumps at it, but still happy to make a few bars.  Im pretty sure i finished 2nd to a little Japanese guy who made 18'.  I come home tomorrow and am really looking forward to a few weeks off.  But then the real fun begins again, with fall training and all that entails.

I want to thank all of you for taking an interest in me and my journey through this year, its been a ton of fun to be able to share it with all of you, and i hope that you enjoyed it as well.  Dont worry im not going anywhere, ill still be pursuing my ultimate goal and hope to share it with all of you. 

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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