Friday, March 19, 2010

Wednesday, thursday workouts

Oh boy, I can't tell you guys how much my legs hurt today this week we really stepped it up. It wasn't the hardest week I've ever had, I was lifting more in the fall, but this is the first time we've lifted hard since probably January. So my legs have been sore and exhausted all week.

Wednesday workout
8xGeneral strength
General strength is where you have 2 cones about 25m apart, and you run from cone to cone pausing at each to do one exercise then running back.
Here's the exercises:
Pushups, situps, leg lifts, supermans, fire hydrants, up-and-backs, and burpees.

So we started at 12 and went down one each time so by the time we were done it was down to 5.

After that we did 4x5 lunges, calf raises, step-ups, and good mornings all while holding 70lbs

Thursday workout
Speed endurance x3
2 cones 50m apart with 2 small cones in the middle about 10m apart. Sprinting to either first or second small cone and jogging to last cone, very small amount of rest, maybe 8 seconds, do this about 6 times and that is one set.

Box squat 4x6 460lbs
Single legs step-ups 4x6 150lbs
Hang clean 4x6 215lbs
3 step squats 3x5 165lbs

Thursday was a lot better that Tuesday, I didn't feel like I was going to hurl the whole time, so that was good.
Now I've got the weekend off which is going to consist of a lot of stretching and icing I think. Having tuna salad sandwich for lunch, hopefully the protein will help my muscles.

Always Pursuing,
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh my goodness

Well like I said yesterday I started lifting and hard conditioning again this week and thought i might be sore today, well I was right.  This is how yesterday went, it started off at ND at the track and ended up at Bethel in the weight room. 
1.  Speed Endurance, 65meter sprints with about 40sec rest in between x6
2.  In and outs,  sprint 65m jog 65m continuously for about 650 meters, really thought i was going to puke after this one.
3.  Speed Endurance again

Weight room
1.  Box Squat, as a pole vaulter there is really no need for me to do a full squat since im never in that deep position to need to push out of it.  Its easier on my knees and Im able to do more weight.
4x7  390lbs
2.  Single leg step-ups, with these I had 115lbs on my back, one leg on a box and pushed up until both legs were on the box, 4x6 115lbs
3.  Hang Clean, this is to really teach my body to use the power and strength Ive gained from the squats in an explosive way, because theres is no use to be able to lift lots of weight if you cant use it in a functional way.
4x6 190lbs
4.  3 step squats, I explained these once before but really its just pure torture because by this time in the workout my legs are just dead and this exercise just puts you over the edge. 
3x6 165lbs

Well needless to say I am very sore today!  My legs hurt, my shoulders hurt, my neck hurts, and my abs hurt.  Last week I started to do yoga at the Worlds Gym in Mishawaka and it has really been helping with my flexibility and I hope it will help with my soreness as well.
Well I have another conditioning workout today, so I will try to update you guys on how it goes.  

Always Pursuing

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trip to Indy

I drove down to Indianapolis on Sunday night for an MRI early on Monday morning.  Through the post collegiate scholarship I received from USATF in January Im able to get any tests and therapy done through St. Vincent hospital in Indy.  And as most of you know I have been fighting a calf injury for over a year now with no real relief.  This has really been a thorn in my side as it has inhibited me from training fully and has affected my performance at times.  

When I was in Albuquerque for nationals I was able to see the doctors from St. Vincent and they gave me a thorough evaluation.  My Junior year of college I had bunion surgery on my left foot, which is a whole other story, anyway I ended up being allergic to the metal in the screws they put in my foot and had a bad infection.  The doctors decided that because of all the trauma my foot went through from the surgery that the outside of my calf was having to do twice the work to keep my foot in a neutral position.  They gave me some exercises to do to strengthen the arch of my foot to return it to what it used to be.  They also wanted to have me come down and get an MRI to find out if there was any damage done to my leg ie. stress fracture, which has been in the back of my mind for a long time.

So I had the MRI done and we found that there was no stress fracture!  The doctors gave me some more exercises to do for my hips and glutes to help with some pain i had been having in my hips.

So now Im back at home and ready to get after it!  I know that my calf is something im really going to have to take care of but at least now i know what to do and hopefully can get some relief.  This week we start lifting again and doing some major conditioning, I feel like Im going to be really sore tomorrow.   I will write updates on the workouts and how Im feelling haha.  Also Im going to try to keep you guys a little more updated on my diet and some recipes that I am using. 

Always Pursuing

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last indoor meet of the season

I had probably the best final meet of my indoor season that Ive ever had last night at the Alex Wilson Invitational at Notre Dame.  My plan was to jump from 5 lefts but my family ended up coming to the meet so I made the decision to come from 7 lefts instead.  Although I train full-time at Notre Dame this is the first time this year I have competed there, the runway they have is too short and they have not agreed to add any more.

It really was a great meet, the crowd is always awesome there and it was great to have my parents, my sister and her family,  3 fellow coaches from Memorial high school as well as 2 of my athletes there to watch and cheer me on.

I came in to the meet at 17'4" and made it pretty easily on my first attempt, it wasnt the prettiest jump but I can  make those lower heights still doing a lot of things wrong.  We went up to 17'8" and after going up a pole i put a good jump together and put some good height on the bar.  The bar was then raised to 5.51m or 18'1" I had one of the best jumps of the night on my second attempt and made the bar pretty easily!  Thats a new personal best from 7 lefts and a new fieldhouse record at Notre Dame!

I decided to put the bar at 5.61m or 18'4" which would have been a season best and a pretty big height from only 7 lefts.  When the bar gets up that high you really have to do about everything right to get the bar to stay up.  My first 2 jumps were ok, close but not great, my third jump I really had a great take-off and swing up the pole, i had the height but didnt quite get the depth that i needed so i came up a bit short.  So although it would have been awesome to come away with that height I'm very happy with the way the meet ended up. 

I have to give a shoutout to all of the people who have given their time, resources, services, and money to me to help me succeed.  I am so blessed to have each and every one of you in my life and this pursuit would not be possible without you. 

One of the most recent of these has been the donation of a water ionizer from Romi Sink at water ionizer authority.  I have been very excited about the possibility of using a water ionizer after hearing a lot of great things about it from fellow vaulters who have also used one and had great results.  I am still learning a lot about them and the numerous health benefits many of which are far beyond that of me just being a better athlete.  I have started drinking the water and as time goes on I will be updating you with how it works and the benefits that I see from it.  I really cant tell you how great Romi has been through this process, I can tell through our conversations that she really wants great things for me, she wants me to succeed and she genuinely believes in me.  I urge all of you to check out her site, she has done a ton of research on water ionizers and can answer any questions you might have. 

Thanks again to all you guys, its been a great first half of the season, my best ever actually, we have much to come and Im so excited about what its going to bring.

Always Pursuing

Monday, March 1, 2010

aw shoot

Well Im disappointed for sure, I only ended up jumping 18' and ended up 7th, not quite how I had envisioned it going.  I felt good going in to the competition, my plan for warmups was to take 3 jumps, and i ended up taking 4 with my last one having lots of height on a 18' bungee.  The runway was fast and it just felt like I never really locked in my run so it felt like i was having to make adjustments on my last couple of steps, which then transferred to me not feeling like i was hitting the plant right on. 

I came in at 17'9" and made it easy first attempt, went up to 18" and i had a really good jump on my first attempt and the pole i was on was just too small, thats when things started to get a little nutty.  I went up a pole on my second attempt and had a weird step on one of my last steps and ended up coming down on the bar.  Third attempt i had another weird step but was able to commit to the jump enough to make the bar.  I passed to 5.60 or 18'4" came down the runway feeling good, took-off a little under and bailed on the jump, looking back that was probably my best chance of making the bar. Second and third attempts i had plenty of height but just came down on the bar, I even took the bar off with my chin on one.
BUT i cant be too disappointed this indoor season has been awesome, I have never been this far along this early which just tells me that the outdoor season is going to be amazing.  So the plan is that im going to jump at Notre Dame on Friday the 5th from a short run, so if your in the area stop by.  Then we get back at training and tentatively plan on jumping mid April some time to start the outdoor season.   Thank you for all your prayers and support, I couldnt do this without your help. 

Always Pursuing