Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A week in perth

Im sitting on the beach watching my last sunset in Perth and there is this cool haze in the air that makes the sun reflect off the water in this really amazing way.  I can count 25 wind surfers and its cool enough to be able to relax on the sand without getting burnt.  

What a week it's been, forget the jumping, that wasn't so good but this week is the exact thing that I needed.  Im just can't stand being indoors all the time, I like jumping indoors, competing that is, but it gets real boring real quick, training inside all the time.  For the past 4 or 5 years I've really thought about getting out of the Midwest, at least while im competing and still jumping.  Getting to where you can train outside and not freeze to death in the winter months.  I could definitely live in Australia if it wasn't so far from everyone I know and love.  Anyway let me tell you about my week and why it's been so awesome that I would consider living here.

First of all the temperature had been in the 90's all week which has allowed me to get a real nice tan.  Second training has been great, the track and facilities here are great and the wind has been a nice tail everyday I've been here.  Except for the day of the meet, that was a little swirling but oh well, I guess it can't be completely perfect.  The hotel I've stayed at is right on the beach and I've swam in the Indian ocean almost every day.  Sunday I went with Russ Winger, and Tara Patterson to this little island right off the coast called Rottnest island.  We swam, snorkeled and drank Coronas all day in probably the most beautiful place I've ever been.  I was finally able to try out my waterproof camera and got some really cool video underwater.  I've been able to train every day at the track and today I jumped, I was really hoping to be able to train with Steve Hooker, one of the best vaulters in the world, and his coach Alex Parnov but communication has been tough and so I haven't really been able to.  I jumped today really working on posture and driving off the ground into the pole, posture pressure knee, is what my mantra was today.  Posture into the takeoff, pressure the pole and see the knee as I swing up.  It seemed to work well, Saturday I had some trouble since it was my first outdoor meet in dealing with the conditions and was kind of leaning back a bit at takeoff.  I jumped 535m/ 17'6" and had a really good jump at 555m/ 18'2" but couldn't keep it up.  

Today in traveling to Sydney, it's a bit sad to leave this beautiful place and the great weather, I guess the weather hasn't been quite as nice in Sydney.  I will be staying in the Olympic village in Sydney and I compete Saturday.  Im looking forward to trying out my new cues and really hitting the box hard and blowing some bars up.  

As beautiful as this place is and as much as im dreading coming back to winter in Indiana there's a huge part of me missing that I have to get back to.  Happy Valentine's day Amanda, love you and miss you.  

Always Pursuing,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

No dramas man! Update from Perth

No dramas is my new favorite saying, picked it up at the Sydney airport when the virgin Australia crew was trying to get my poles from international to domestic. After trying to fit them on the bus, which of course didn't work, I came back inside and the guy said "no dramas mate", yes! If only every time I flew with poles it was no dramas mate, life would be so much easier. Needless to say I made it to Perth, 48 hours after leaving my home in south bend, indiana driving to Indianapolis, flying to Atlanta, flying to Los Angeles and then to Sydney, then I had to wait 9 hours for my next flight which I spent seeing the Sydney opera house and walking through the botanical gardens, which was really cool. Finally made it to Perth at about 9 pmthis time which is 8 am east coast time. Spent the day relaxing yesterday on the beach before heading to the track and doing a little shakeout and lift. I got to see steve hooker at the track and found out that he will not be competing for a while which of course is a bummer but all in all I just hope he's good to go when the time is right, and a little meet in february really means nothing in the scheme of things. I'm heading to the track soon to hopefully vault a bit and then I really don't know what tonight and tomorrow hold, I do know that im pumped to jump on Saturday, that track is fast and a sweet tailwind is expected. I jumpe around 6 pm here which is 5 am eastern time Saturday. Always pursuing, Mark

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week of workouts and Meyo Invite

Hey everyone, I wanted to jump on here and first tell you that Im going to be jumping at Notre Dame at 6 on Friday.  If your a local fan it would be awesome to have you come out and cheer me on, Ive jumped well at ND in the past, last year I jumped 18'5" and this year I have my sights set on 19'.

Training has been going well this week, I have heard from a few of you that you wanted to know what my workouts were so here they are.

3 Part Dynamic Warmup
5x50m fast 5min rest between reps
Clean and Jerk 4x3 205lbs
Speed box squat 4x3 405lbs Box Jumps in between sets
Incline Press 4x4 60lb dumbbells
Lat Pull Down 4x8

3 Part Dynamic Warmup
Pole Vault

3 Part Dynamic Warmup
Bike Workout
2x8x15s hard 45s easy 5 min between set
High Pulls 4x3 205lbs
RDL 4x3 185lbs
Lunge Step ups 4x3each leg 115lbs box jumps between sets
Dumbbell Row 4x6 55lb

Good warmup
Ice bath

Always Pursuing -Mark-