Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweatshirts, Spike Bags and a quick update

Well needless to say its been a while since my last post, and the reasoning is that I was jumping like crap!  I didnt really know why it was happening, all i knew is that i forgot how to pole vault.  I no-heighted my last 2 meets in Europe and I can tell you it sure was nice to get back to the states after that.  Even tho the results were not what i wanted, i feel like i got some great practice in crappy conditions over there.  Every meet I was jumping in a head or cross wind and a little rain.  Now if i had just stayed home there is no way i would of practiced in conditions like that.  One thing Ive learned over my career is that anyone can get mad when things dont go there way, its the better person who looks past the negative to find any positive that they can, and thats what Im doing here.

I came home and went straight to practice, trying to figure out what was going on and how to fix it.  I had a good practice and a bad one, but thought I was on the right track.  I drove down to Tremont, Illinois for the Tremont street vault, had great weather but i only jumped 5.35m/17'6".  Needless to say I was disapointed but still had a great time with the kids.  Came back to Notre Dame yesterday and had the exact practice i needed.  We figured out that i was really pushing the hands forward right off the ground and just killing the pole rotation.  Once we figured that out the rest of practice was pretty awesome.  So Im excited about the rest of the week, getting ready to head out to Eugene for USA Championships next week!

In the meantime Tony Bonacci from the Grand Rapids area, has made me a few sweatshirts and spike bags that are embroidered with my logo and are sweet.  I have a very limited number of sweatshirts right now and i think about 15 bags left.  Im selling the sweatshirts for $30 and the bags for $15.  Im going to sell them first come, first serve, and im not sure if Ill be able to get more or not  so for now what i have is all there is.  I have 3 small, 6 medium, 4 large, and 1 Xlarge, comment on this thread or email me and ill let you know what i have still available.

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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  1. It was great to meet you today! Thanks for being such a positive role model for our kids and up and coming vaulters. Best of luck this year!!!