Thursday, July 7, 2011

A few videos...Finally I know

Haha so here I am in the Bratislava airport of all places and they have free WiFi! Woohoo! I thought i would use the 5 hours i have before my flight to upload a few videos. So here they are in chronological order, my favorite is either the 5.60 make at the Gill Factory vault just because the top is so smooth, if i could do that all the time, oooh baby. The 70 make is pretty good as well, that pole kind of just tosses me over that bar pretty easily.

USA Nationals 5.54m

Gill Athletics Factory vault, 5.60m


And finally 5.28m from Vienna just to get a look at the venue.

SO there you have it, if anyone wants to see any other videos just let me know, and again any questions or comments you may have Im always happy to hear from you guys.

Always Pursuing -Mark-


  1. A special thank you to Nikki Pauli for the awesome video footage of the factory vault! Thank you Gill Athletics for being so supportive of elite athletes (and their wives) :)

  2. Mark, it was so great to see you jump at Gill, you are always an inspiration!! To see you jump your season best after weeks of struggle was amazing! You give hope to us all :)