Thursday, June 21, 2012

Olympic Trials Here I Come!

Making final preparations the last couple of days it feels just like any other trip.  Im packing my bags for a week and a half trip just like I have probably over 20 times in the last few years.  But this time its different, this trip means a little bit more than any of the others I have prepared for.  Im excited, Ive been looking forward to this for the last 4 years, think of where you were 4 years ago, that was a long time wasnt it?  Ive been training my butt off for 4 years straight working toward this goal.  Im happy that the time has finally come, Im also at peace, I am really looking forward to going to Eugene and just having a blast.  I know theres nothing else I can do, I can only embrace my training, my fitness, and my vault and use it all to the best of my abilities.

The last month or so has been exactly what I need, Ive mentioned it to a few people but it is very evident to me that this path has been marked off for me.  I have been improving one step at a time, and even when I wished I could have skipped a few steps and just jumped 5.72m already I know that I have to trust the one who has set this road before me.  So Im just putting this in the hands of the Lord, and whatever the outcome, I want his will to be done.  And whatever happens let the glory go to Him.

Thats it, I may write again after prelims on Monday or just wait until after the finals on Thursday.  Ill try to update my facebook and twitter pages you can follow me there at HollisPV.

Also I want to thank every one of you for following me, supporting me, and always being there with a kind word of encouragement.  I truly couldnt do this with your support.

Always Pursuing,


  1. Mark, I hope you do amazing! It is great to see the kind of attitude you have too going into it. I'm rooting for you!! :)

  2. Mark I can't even begin to tell you how proud we are of you. Like I told you before, I keep remembering the mornings before school started when you would serenade your jr high friends with the theme song from VEGGIE TALES!! I knew then you you were a very talented guy! A treasured memory for sure!! Our hearts and prayers are with you Mark!