Thursday, May 15, 2014


So many times Ill jump on here and have no idea what I'm going to write, just knowing its about that time to post something.  I probably should have plenty to write about, I'm jumping better than I ever have, Ive jumped 5.60m 18'4" or higher in my last 6 of 7 meets, which is higher than I jumped all of last year!  In my last meet I jumped 5.71m 18'9" which is the highest Ive jumped since 2010 and the last time I jumped this high this early was 2008 when I jumped 5.75m 18'10" around the same time of the year.  So whats different?  Whats the secret?  What are you guys doing down there in Knoxville that's making such a difference? 

 These are questions Ive asked myself as well, because I'm doing basically the same workouts Ive always done, I'm jumping the same volume, jumping on the same size poles, but evidently something is different. Could it be the difference is not only having direction every day but more importantly believing in that direction?  In the past Ive been quick to move on to something else because I wasn't seeing results in the time frame I wanted to see them.  When I moved to Knoxville to work with Tim Mack I put aside everything I thought I knew about the vault, because if this was going to work I needed to trust my coach completely.  There were times I wanted to argue that my way was better, but then I realized I would be telling Tim Mack I thought I was smarter than him!  Isn't that what we do when we argue with a coach or do a workout differently than they have instructed?  Aren't we saying thanks for your help but I'm smarter than you are?  Tim, like all coaches, has more experience and knowledge than the athletes they coach .  Even though some things were different than what I had learned, I chose to believe the path we're taking was better than what I had done in the past.  

For most of the athletes reading this post this is the most important time of your year.  Conference, Regionals, Sectionals, State and Nationals are either coming up or happening now.  Now is the time when all of the work you've done pays off!  This is the time to do everything you've been working on the best you can, not to all of a sudden try something new because its a big meet!  Trust your training, your coach, your poles and jump your best!  

As for me my season is still just beginning, I'm improving daily, my practices are better and better and I'm excited for what this season is going to hold.  I'm going to Beijing, China on Sunday for a meet next Wednesday, I jumped there last year and I'm pumped to go back and jump high!  I believe a PR is in my near future, and its about time!  

Believe in what your doing, belief builds confidence and confidence makes the impossible possible.  

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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