Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Meet, Grand Valley State University 12/18/09

Had my first meet of the season yesterday and I was really happy with the way things ended up. I was running from a shorter run of 7 steps not 9 like my long run is, so it was more for practice than going for tons of height.

I came in at 17'3" and ended up making that on my second attempt. The mats they use at their facility are shorter than I am used to so they ended up messing with my depth perception when i was coming to the end of my run. This bothered me a little bit at the beginning but then I was able to adapt. Then i put the bar up to 17'9" and ended up going up 2 poles and put together a great jump on my third on a 16'5" 205 pole and sneaked over the bar.

Then i put the bar up to 18'3" and took 2 jumps on the biggest pole i brought a 16'5" 210, i ended up just feeling out the pole. On my third jump i moved back down a pole and had my best jump of the day. I locked in on the pole and had about 9 inches over the bar and ended up coming down on the bar.

Overall it was a great day, I'm very happy with a number of things that went well. 1. I overcame the depth perception problem on my run. 2. I went through all the poles i brought. 3. I finished my jumps and trusted the poles.

Also my good friends Bryant Wilson and Chris Smith both jumped well and are looking good for the season to start. Check out Chris' blog at

Ill put the videos up tonight or tomorrow so you can check em out.


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