Sunday, February 14, 2010

GVSU and Main South Sky Jumpers Camp

Its been a great couple of days, We (Mary Saxer, my coach Danny Wilkerson and myself) went up to Grand Rapids, Michigan to GVSU on Friday for a meet.  The funny thing is that of all the times Ive jumped at Grand Valley I have never jumped over 17'9" (5.40m), Ive jumped there probably ten times in the last year and for whatever reason i have never jumped over 17'9".  So Friday I decided it was all or nothing, I entered the meet at 18' (5.50m) and skyed it!  After that I put the bar to 18'4" (5.60m) and made it easily on my second attempt.  I had one good jump at 18'8" but came down on the bar.

I was really happy with the way i jumped I feel like Im finally jumping the way i should be and am ready to jump something big at Nationals coming up in 2 weeks in Albuquerque NM.  Im finally holding the top of my 16'5" poles and so im finally hitting the bend like i should and am really able to lock into the pole and get on top of it really well.  Darren Niedermeyer also jumped on Friday and made 5.50m and had good looks at 5.60m he was really happy just to get his qualifying mark out of the way for nationals.

Then Amanda and I traveled to Chicago to Jan Johnson's Sky Jumpers camp and had a good time seeing a lot of coaching friends that I havent seen in a while.  Later that night Darren and I jumped again this time from a shorter run.  Darren jumped 17' from 6 lefts in tennis shoes and i was able to jump 17'6" from 5 lefts and had a couple good jumps at 18'.  It was a lot of fun and I feel like im rolling right now at exactly the right time with USA Nationals only a few weeks away.  I feel like i have a great chance of placing top 2 and making my first World Championships team!

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