Friday, February 26, 2010

One day to Nationals!

Well tomorrow is the national meet, we jump at 5:45 mountain time.  We went to the track yesterday and I was able to get on the runway, man its gonna be fast, it reminds me a lot of the runway at Milrose and I had really good results there.  Milrose was the first time I started taking off at 14ft consistently and doing so has really allowed me to jump to the best of my abilities.  Practice the last couple of weeks has been a huge boost to my confidence, Ive been able to jump on some big poles from my short run so hopefully that will transfer to my long run tomorrow.  Also Ive been wanting to get on my 5.10m poles and tomorrow may give me the perfect opportunity to do that.

Alright guys wish me luck, there should be updates on under U.S. Elite.  I will let you guys know exactly how the meet went and hopefully have some videos up either tomorrow night or sunday some time. 

Always Pursuing

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