Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best vault practice in a while!!!

Alright well its about time i got my head out of my butt.  I had vault practice today and the only thinking i had was that i had to attack the box and not look back.  I started from 5 lefts and killed the 15'7" 195 i was jumping on, no hesitation, no looking back, just pure focus on putting as much power into the pole as i could.  Now that hasnt been too difficult for me in the past, jumping from 5 lefts, the issue has been running from 9 and doing the same thing.

I moved back to 9 with the same tenacity as i had put in at 5 and had a great first jump, attacking the last 3 steps and no hesitation at takeoff.  I moved up to my 5m 205lb which is usually my first pole in competition, but ive had trouble jumping on it at all in practice lately.  I came down the runway, took off and FINALLY put a great jump together!  I cant tell you just how happy i was with my self, I had finally made some progress in practice.  I continued to get better and better with each jump, easily clearing a 5.50m (18ft) bungee each time. 

If you read my last post you know that this has been something ive been struggling with for quite a while, so to finally have a great practice together in which i finished every jump and didnt bail on any of them was so big for me.  Like ive said before confidence in this sport is probably the biggest advantage you can have, and the way you build that confidence is by having great practices like this. 

I head to New York this weekend and then next week for Drake relays, Im hoping to keep this rolling as I go into Drake and hopefully get some good jumps at 19'.  Ill try to keep you posted. 

Always Pursuing

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