Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sea Ray Relays

After a 8 hour drive from South Bend I am now in Knoxville Tennessee for the Sea Ray relays at the University of Tennessee. I've never jumped here before but after going to the track today I have high expectations for myself. I found out today that 2 American records have been set here! What's even better is they were set at opposite ends so no matter the wind or direction of the pit the conditions are good enough for 2 guys to jump over 19 and a half feet!

Mary made the trip with me and jumps tomorrow at 1pm. She has been looking really good in practice and hopefully with the kickin tailwind they're supposed to have tomorrow shell be able to jump really high.

I jump on Saturday at 230pm, weather looks good at 70 degrees and a wind of about 3mph out of the east. I brought along a few of the 5.10m poles I've been jumping a little bit on in practice and am hoping to get some good results out of those.

Well time for bed, wish us luck and ill have results up for you guys saturday.

Always Pursuing,
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