Thursday, December 9, 2010

Buy a T-shirt for Christmas!

Alright I have the new T-Shirts in, I ordered about 55 more t-shirts in all adult sizes.  Thes shirts would make an awesome Christmas gift for any vault or sports enthusiast.  Be a real part of this amazing journey!

I am selling them for $15 each which includes shipping.  So if you would like one, make a donation of $15 or more, make sure to specify which shirt you would like and what size,  Ive even added a button strictly for T-shirts on the top left. 

Also if you would like to support my training fund even more, any donation of $35 or more will include an autographed card and a personalized 8x10 poster. 

Always Pursuing -Mark-



1 comment:

  1. Mark, I'm an idiot. I donated and didn't order actual t-shirts. Send me a large of the first one (orange and gray). Keep the other 15 for your training fund.