Monday, December 20, 2010

GVSU meet and practice video

Well I jumped at Grand Valley State University on Friday. I wanted to do the meet to have some fun, jump from a short run and use it as a glorified practice. Warmups started and I was just moving through all the poles in my bag! I hadnt jumped on any of my new 5 meter poles and i was able to jump on all of the ones that i brought! I ended up jumping 5.40m/17'9". I wish it could have been higher but i had big pole and grip PR's I ended up on a 5m/16'5" 210lb holding at 16'3"! I usually only hold that high from my long run so to be able to do that now from 7 is huge! That will mean as soon as i go back to 9lefts i should have no problem getting my grip near the top of the 5.10m/16'9" poles.

Here is a video from yesterday of practice, Im really trying to get confident with my approach and finishing every jump on the top. THis was the best one of the day.

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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