Saturday, January 15, 2011

5.62/18'5" GVSU New Indoor PR!!

That felt good!!!!

Probably the best jump of my life, bar is at 18', pole is 5m/16'5" 215lbs run from 134' takeoff is 13'9".

Approach feels really solid, my speed is already back if not even faster than last year. I ended up jumping 17'9" 18' and then i made 18'5" on my third attempt, which was also a good jump but not quite as good as this one. after 18'5" I raised the bar to 5.72m/18'9" and went up to the 5.10m/16'9" poles to feel them out some more. I had only jumped on the smallest one in practice so we didn't know which poles we would need to jump on. So i ended up just hitting a few of the bigger poles but never really had any good attempts at the bar.

That result puts me at #2 in the world, that wont last long of course but that's why im going to go back to GVSU next Friday and jump again. I figure its best to get in one more meet with my coach before Reno and my trip to Europe immediately after that. So this week we'll work on a few things, try to get in another good practice from long and go back on Friday and try to hit those bigger poles and more than likely be able to get that 18'9" and hopefully 19"!

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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