Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Holy cow! We have been slammed with snow over the weekend, South Bend got a total of about 39 inches in a little over one day! We didnt get as much here in Elkhart but still got quite a lot. Luckily it was over the weekend so by the time we needed to go to South Bend for practice the roads were clear enough that we could make it. Since a little before Christmas I have been jumping over at Bethel College in Mishawaka as you have seen from my videos lately. Sunday I jumped at Bethel and got back to my long run, the early practice at the long run is tough because even tho Im only running 130 ft, the tempo is always difficult to get accustomed to. But even tho im still working on the run, im still jumping on big poles! Last week I took up the 5.10m poles which i did once last year but never jumped well on them. Yesterday I jumped on the 5m 13.3 and had height on 5.70/18'8" Im really happy with the way practice has been going and Im super pumped for my first meet on Friday in Michigan. Today I just have some light conditioning to do so i gotta get ready to go hit that. Heres a video of me doing a new drill, a inverted pushup finishing in a piked position. Not as much for the strength side but for the position at the end.

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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