Monday, March 1, 2010

aw shoot

Well Im disappointed for sure, I only ended up jumping 18' and ended up 7th, not quite how I had envisioned it going.  I felt good going in to the competition, my plan for warmups was to take 3 jumps, and i ended up taking 4 with my last one having lots of height on a 18' bungee.  The runway was fast and it just felt like I never really locked in my run so it felt like i was having to make adjustments on my last couple of steps, which then transferred to me not feeling like i was hitting the plant right on. 

I came in at 17'9" and made it easy first attempt, went up to 18" and i had a really good jump on my first attempt and the pole i was on was just too small, thats when things started to get a little nutty.  I went up a pole on my second attempt and had a weird step on one of my last steps and ended up coming down on the bar.  Third attempt i had another weird step but was able to commit to the jump enough to make the bar.  I passed to 5.60 or 18'4" came down the runway feeling good, took-off a little under and bailed on the jump, looking back that was probably my best chance of making the bar. Second and third attempts i had plenty of height but just came down on the bar, I even took the bar off with my chin on one.
BUT i cant be too disappointed this indoor season has been awesome, I have never been this far along this early which just tells me that the outdoor season is going to be amazing.  So the plan is that im going to jump at Notre Dame on Friday the 5th from a short run, so if your in the area stop by.  Then we get back at training and tentatively plan on jumping mid April some time to start the outdoor season.   Thank you for all your prayers and support, I couldnt do this without your help. 

Always Pursuing

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  1. You've got tons of support, Mark. It's a JOURNEY. Love it, live it and enjoy every learning experience on the way.

    Enjoy Notre Dame and keep that bar set high!