Friday, March 19, 2010

Wednesday, thursday workouts

Oh boy, I can't tell you guys how much my legs hurt today this week we really stepped it up. It wasn't the hardest week I've ever had, I was lifting more in the fall, but this is the first time we've lifted hard since probably January. So my legs have been sore and exhausted all week.

Wednesday workout
8xGeneral strength
General strength is where you have 2 cones about 25m apart, and you run from cone to cone pausing at each to do one exercise then running back.
Here's the exercises:
Pushups, situps, leg lifts, supermans, fire hydrants, up-and-backs, and burpees.

So we started at 12 and went down one each time so by the time we were done it was down to 5.

After that we did 4x5 lunges, calf raises, step-ups, and good mornings all while holding 70lbs

Thursday workout
Speed endurance x3
2 cones 50m apart with 2 small cones in the middle about 10m apart. Sprinting to either first or second small cone and jogging to last cone, very small amount of rest, maybe 8 seconds, do this about 6 times and that is one set.

Box squat 4x6 460lbs
Single legs step-ups 4x6 150lbs
Hang clean 4x6 215lbs
3 step squats 3x5 165lbs

Thursday was a lot better that Tuesday, I didn't feel like I was going to hurl the whole time, so that was good.
Now I've got the weekend off which is going to consist of a lot of stretching and icing I think. Having tuna salad sandwich for lunch, hopefully the protein will help my muscles.

Always Pursuing,
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  1. You have become my inspiration.

    I hope to see you in London!