Thursday, May 20, 2010

Belem 5.55m

It turned out to be a pretty good day!  I ended up jumping 5.55m and had a couple of pretty good trys at 5.70m but just couldnt keep the bar up there.

The track was gigantic, it definately wasnt filled up but there were a lot of people there.  The conditions were perfect, a light breeze that helped to keep us cool, the runway was fast.  The only thing that wasnt great was the pit, it was tiny, no front buns, and it was only as wide as the standards. 

Warmups went really well, my run was feeling great and just as i wanted to i started on the 5m 205, and was able to lock in my run.  So i decided to come in at 5.40m, i cooled it first try, and by the end of the height i was the only one left!  The plan was to go 5.55m and then 5.70 and then 5.80m i made 5.55m pretty easy on my first attempt.  Went up to 5.70m and had a couple of good attempts at it on the 5m 12.8 flex. 

Well i gotta get to bed, weve got a long day tomorrow, we leave the hotel at 1030am and get into chicago at 830am on friday. 

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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