Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hingelo Rain Rain Rain

It started off as a decent day today, got a great 12hrs of sleep last night and felt much better this morning than i did yesterday.  Headed to the track around 2 and half way there it started to rain, it continued to rain the entire day other than about 1 hour in which we tried to hold a pole vault competition.  After going back and forth about trying to start the comp we started warming up in a gym at around 330, the meet directors were going to make a decision at about 420.  It was still raining when we went back out to the track, they wanted us to attempt to warm up and we would make a decision on starting at 5.  Warmups were not going that well for anyone, noone was able to keep their grip or hands dry until about 440 the rain stopped.  We were able to get in a decent warmup and started the competition.  I came in at opening height, 5.20m(17ft), just to make sure i made a height if the rain came back.  Made that easily on my first attempt, i was kinda stuck between poles and so i decided to jump at 5.30m(17'6") and try to get into a groove so i could move up a pole at the next height.  Made 5.30 pretty easily on my first attempt and was feeling pretty good, the sun was now out and we had a nice tailwind.  The bar went up to 5.40m(17'9"), i went up a pole to my 5m 13.8flex took off a little bit under and just grazed the bar on the way down.  Moved back a little for my second attempt and blew the bar away! I was feeling good, my run was good, take off getting where it needed to be, so i moved up a pole to my 13.3flex going to 5.50m(18') By this time there were only 2 guys out of 10 out of the competition.  My first attempt i took off a bit under again and kind of got stood up by the pole, no chance.  2nd attempt i was feeling confident, came down the runway and just didnt hit the pole quite right, finished my jump and just came down on the bar, as you can see in the picture.   Third attempt, the rain started when i was at the back of the runway, but i was sure i had it, moved my step back ab out 6in, came down the runway the best i had all day, hit the takeoff, everything was perfect accept the bar was just too close, hit it off on the way up and my day was over.  But the rain started coming down harder and harder and noone else jumped, they ended up canceling the meet.  Not too angry about what happened except it sucks to fly 10hrs to jump in the rain, and wouldnt you know it its supposed to rain for our next 2 meets as well.  Jeremy and I fly to Vienna tomorrow, we jump Tuesday. 
The meet will be broadcast live online HERE, we jump at 6pm local time so noon eastern time. 

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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