Friday, May 14, 2010

Forteleza Brazil!!

After nearly 24 hours of straight travel, and only about 2 hours of sleep I made it to Forteleza where my first meet in South America will be held on Sunday.  The trip went pretty well, we didnt have any problems getting the poles on the planes and the flights (all 3 of them) were smooth.  The only problem was that I just could not fall asleep on the plane.  Our longest flight, from Atlanta to Brasilia, was 8 and a half hours, even after taking some Nyquil I only managed to sleep for about an hour.  But I cant complain, we are here, safe and sound, poles in hand.  Sunday we vault at 8:10a.m.!  I think they schedule the meet around the hottest part of the day so we dont get dehydrated and croak.  Tomorrow were are planning on going to the track at 7a.m. to get the feel of getting up early and trying to compete.  Then after the meet we head to Belem for our 2nd and final meet on the 19th.  Ill do my best to keep you updated.

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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