Friday, November 5, 2010

Heading to Vegas

Once again it has been a couple of weeks since my last entry, I have no excuses. Today we finish up our third week of fall training, its been good, really good. Like I talked about last time, it feels great mentally to get back at it and now physically my body is getting more and more used to the extra pounding. One thing that made workouts this week something to look forward to was we started vaulting! Monday we did 1 left drills into the sand working on a strong penultimate and really driving the right heal up into the hamstring at takeoff. We also moved over to the vault pit and got back to 2 lefts working on the same thing, seeing how high we can grip on a stiff(non bending) pole and still get into the mats, my best Wednesday was 13'6". As I get better and better at the penultimate and driving everything up that number should go up.

We've also added some new lifts to our program including 3 step squats, an eccentric squat where you go down to about 60% pause for 3sec and try to explode back up. We also added some calf and shin exercises and amped up the handstands and ring work. Gymnastics on tuesdays has been going great, we did some giants this week as well as some nasty core that has just ripped me up.

I just landed in Las Vegas for the USATF jumps and throws summit. I don't know exactly everything that is planned but I do know it should be a great time of discussion and hopefully learn a few things while were here.

Always Pursuing,


  1. Hey Mark,
    Great to here you're back on the road. I hope fall training continues to go well and keep up the strong workouts man. You'll almost be as strong as me. One day. But in all seriousness, good luck man and keep on keepin' on.