Friday, May 6, 2011

Frustration in Doha

Well that's not what I wanted to end up with.   Ended up jumping  my opening height of 540m/17'9.  I made it easily and was very happy to get the first height out of the way.  The bar went up to 550m/18', and I'm not really sure what is going on but I'm just not setting up the takeoff right on my last two steps and so when I hit the box sometimes I get jarred a bit rather than really hitting the pole.  This causes me to be out of position as I start my swing sometimes I go right, sometimes I get stood up a bit.  This is what happened on 2 of my 3 jumps at 18'.  The wind was fairly good a little bit of a cross but not too bad.  I ended up tying for 5th place but I easily could have been 4th or 3rd possibly without an amazing day.  I do have to say that I had a stomach ache as soon as I walked on the track, I don't think it was nerves, I have jumped in comps like this in the past and have not felt this way.  Also jumping on borrowed poles probably didn't help but I didn't think it was a big issue.  As you can probably figure out I'm frustrated that I wasn't able to capitalize on the opportunity better.  It make for a long plan rise home tomorrow that's for suee.  I don't leave until 1030 tomorrow night so I'm gonna try and soak up some sun and strategize about what to do next.  I don't have anything planned for may so if anyone has any ideas I am open to suggestion.  Oh well, just a bump in the road, if I wasn't able to learn from my mistakes I wouldnt be where I am today, now I just have to learn how to move on from this mistake, and road to take to put me on the right track.  Thanks for all your support, I feel like I'm in a bit of a valley right now but I know on the other side there's a mountain peak waiting for me.  

Always Pursuing,


  1. You da man and don't forget it! Proud of bro! Soak it up!!

  2. Soak up a whole bunch of that Arabian sun. You deserve it. What an experience of late. So proud of you. Hang in there and know that we love you and so does He!
    Dad and Mom