Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hengelo, Netherlands

I made it to Hengelo after quite the trip over. My flight out of Chicago was delayed so i got into Atlanta right about the time my flight to Germany was taking off. So Delta put me on the next flight to Barcelona and from there onto Dusseldorf. By the time I made it to Dusseldorf it was already 8 hours after i was first supposed to be there. My poles made it but my other bag with my clothes and uniform in it did not, so then i had to talk to the airline people for another hour about getting my bag back to me. So by the time i finally got to the hotel it was 7pm here which is 1 eastern time. I had been on the road since 9am the day before, it was good to not be on the road or in the air for a while. My first meet is tomorrow around 430 here, 1030am eastern time here in Hengelo, Netherlands. I came to this meet last year and it rained pretty hard, so i am hoping its better conditions for us to jump in tomorrow. Then its off to Munich for a couple of days before i head to Innsbruck, Austria for the Golden Roof Challenge.  So a pretty quick trip before heading home to get prepared for nationals at the end of June.  Ill try to take some pictures tomorrow and have them up with an update tomorrow night.

Always Pursuing -Mark-

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