Monday, January 4, 2010

back at it

Woooo its been a nice long vacation but now its time to get back to work. Today I had my first vault practice since before Christmas so it was good to be back at it. Today we practiced my long run, 9 steps, on the track to make sure my marks were on and would be ready to go when we take it to the runway on Wednesday.
Sunday, Amanda and I went to Chicago to a SkyJumpers pole vault camp that Jan Johnson puts on every year. Ive coached a bunch of his camps and thought Id go back to see him and other coaches. My college coach Wally Cramer was there and is doing well. It was good to see everyone and help out some kids.
Next Friday will be my first meet from a long run! Im jumping at Notre Dame on the 15th. It should be a great time and I have high expectations. It would be awesome for any of you to come and check it out but if you cant make it I will be sure to get videos posted as soon as I can.

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