Sunday, January 24, 2010

GVSU 1/23/10

Im really happy with how the meet went, I only ended up jumping 17'9" but since i have been out with injury for a week and a half I cant be disappointed.  I went into the meet wanting to feel out my run and make sure i was comfortable with it before next week, and i picked up right were i left off last year at nationals.  It was only my 3rd time back at the long run so I was really happy i was able to get on the poles that i did, I wasn't able to get on any of my new poles but im confident that next week i will be able to jump on them no problem. 

I made 17'9" on my second attempt after running through on my first.  I put the bar to 18'0" and had a great jump on my first attempt but the pole was too small so i hit the bar on my way up.  Went up a pole on my second attempt and something didnt feel right on takeoff so i rode the pole into the pit.  My third attempt was pretty good I tookoff around 13'3" which is just a little under for me, had about 7 inches over the bar and just came down on it.  I think with a couple of practices this week i will be more than ready for Friday at Millrose, cant wait!

Always Pursuing

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