Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ouch im hurting

So I really like my coach, he's a great guy, hes very smart and knowledgeable but some days I really despise him.  Days like today when my legs and back feel as if someone took a sledgehammer and wailed on them for an hour. This is just a typical day in my life about once every other week, my coach has me do some excruciating workout which makes me wake up the next day cursing him and this sport i love to hate so much. 
Heres what yesterday looked like:
1:30pm Vault Practice, 3x6step, 2x8step, 7x18step working on run and marks
3:30pm Stopped by my chiropractor Dr. Jerry Hofferth
4:00pm 4x Squat Spectrum ( hold deep squat for 30sec, 6 frog squats slow, 6 frog squats fast, then 3 vertical jumps all while holding a 100lb weight)
4:30pm 2x5 Three step squat ( 145lb on squat rack, squat very deep then come back up half the way, back down to deep and up to 3/4, back down deep and all the way up x5)
5:00pm 3x5 bubkas with 65lbs strapped on waist

Yeah so waking up today hurt a lot.  I have a couple of videos from yesterday that i will try to upload later. 
Today we have gymnastics, then another workout in which i will probably shed some tears of pain haha.  Even though i complain about the workouts a little i know that i have to train this way if i want to be the best. 

Always Pursuing

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