Sunday, January 31, 2010

Millrose cont.

Well I just got back from NYC last night after a very successful trip to the Millrose Games.  On not only my first Millrose Games but also my first trip to New York City I came away with the win!  I am of course very happy with the way it ended up but also with the way I jumped.  I felt really good on the runway in warm-ups and I ended up having to back up about 2 feet.  I was able to get on the biggest pole Ive on this year in warm-ups so i was confident I could start at 18'.  My first jump at 18' i was holding a little low so the pole unbent really quick, luckily i was able to get up and over the bar, I hit in on the way down a bit but after some wobbling it stayed up.  The bar went up to 18'4" or 5.60m, I made the adjustment i needed by moving my grip up on the pole which allowed me to get into a better position and it was an easy make.

When the bar went up to 18'8 there were still 4 people left in the comp; Tim Mack who was looking the best he has in a couple of years, Derek Miles who is always capable of jumping 19, Renaud Levillenie who made 18' by about a foot and a half, and myself, so in no way did I expect to win with my make at 18'4".  I decided it was as good a time as any to move up to my new poles which i had never jumped on before.  I had a really good jump on my first attempt and hit the bar on my way up.  I decided to go up to my next pole thinking that if i could get on it i would make the bar easily, well the pole had different plans and I didnt quite roll it over enough to get a good jump on it.  My third attempt i decided to go back to the smaller pole, up my grip and push the standards back.  I ended up hitting the bar on my way up again and i was out.  Now Derek and I are tied for first on misses, on his second jump his calf seized up and had to pull out of the competition.  Renaud somehow barely hit the bar off on all three of his attempts so by rule i was declared the winner. 

After the competition i was interviewed on the big screen and then taken back to the press area to be interviewed by reporters, then i had to go and get drug tested which is always a fun time. That night i went out a bit with Tim Mack and Becky Holiday which was a lot of fun. 

Now Im back at home nursing my calf, hope to get a good week of practice in before heading to Boston for the Reebok Indoor Games on Saturday, maybe this time i will get some TV time.  Saturday 8-10pm et.

Always Pursuing

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  1. Congrats man!! sounds like you had a great time! keep it up!!