Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh my goodness

Well like I said yesterday I started lifting and hard conditioning again this week and thought i might be sore today, well I was right.  This is how yesterday went, it started off at ND at the track and ended up at Bethel in the weight room. 
1.  Speed Endurance, 65meter sprints with about 40sec rest in between x6
2.  In and outs,  sprint 65m jog 65m continuously for about 650 meters, really thought i was going to puke after this one.
3.  Speed Endurance again

Weight room
1.  Box Squat, as a pole vaulter there is really no need for me to do a full squat since im never in that deep position to need to push out of it.  Its easier on my knees and Im able to do more weight.
4x7  390lbs
2.  Single leg step-ups, with these I had 115lbs on my back, one leg on a box and pushed up until both legs were on the box, 4x6 115lbs
3.  Hang Clean, this is to really teach my body to use the power and strength Ive gained from the squats in an explosive way, because theres is no use to be able to lift lots of weight if you cant use it in a functional way.
4x6 190lbs
4.  3 step squats, I explained these once before but really its just pure torture because by this time in the workout my legs are just dead and this exercise just puts you over the edge. 
3x6 165lbs

Well needless to say I am very sore today!  My legs hurt, my shoulders hurt, my neck hurts, and my abs hurt.  Last week I started to do yoga at the Worlds Gym in Mishawaka and it has really been helping with my flexibility and I hope it will help with my soreness as well.
Well I have another conditioning workout today, so I will try to update you guys on how it goes.  

Always Pursuing

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