Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trip to Indy

I drove down to Indianapolis on Sunday night for an MRI early on Monday morning.  Through the post collegiate scholarship I received from USATF in January Im able to get any tests and therapy done through St. Vincent hospital in Indy.  And as most of you know I have been fighting a calf injury for over a year now with no real relief.  This has really been a thorn in my side as it has inhibited me from training fully and has affected my performance at times.  

When I was in Albuquerque for nationals I was able to see the doctors from St. Vincent and they gave me a thorough evaluation.  My Junior year of college I had bunion surgery on my left foot, which is a whole other story, anyway I ended up being allergic to the metal in the screws they put in my foot and had a bad infection.  The doctors decided that because of all the trauma my foot went through from the surgery that the outside of my calf was having to do twice the work to keep my foot in a neutral position.  They gave me some exercises to do to strengthen the arch of my foot to return it to what it used to be.  They also wanted to have me come down and get an MRI to find out if there was any damage done to my leg ie. stress fracture, which has been in the back of my mind for a long time.

So I had the MRI done and we found that there was no stress fracture!  The doctors gave me some more exercises to do for my hips and glutes to help with some pain i had been having in my hips.

So now Im back at home and ready to get after it!  I know that my calf is something im really going to have to take care of but at least now i know what to do and hopefully can get some relief.  This week we start lifting again and doing some major conditioning, I feel like Im going to be really sore tomorrow.   I will write updates on the workouts and how Im feelling haha.  Also Im going to try to keep you guys a little more updated on my diet and some recipes that I am using. 

Always Pursuing

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